Accessibility and People


If you are a University wanting to increase student applications or an organisation that would like to improve its recruitment, joining and HR processes then All Able can help you develop a bespoke plan addressing accessibility concerns from start to finish.

For Universities we offer to work with you to deliver a bespoke student journey experience, mapping all points of contact a student is likely to have throughout their time with a University and identifying all accessibility considerations that should be made for each contact point. At then end of this work you will have a comprehensive plan of where to embed accessibility practices.

For all organisations you may wish to improve the accessibility of your recruitment, joining and ongoing HR and staff systems interactions for your staff. You may want to do this to support an application to become a disability confident employer, or for a number of other reasons. All Able offers to work with you to create a bespoke plan for embedding accessibility into all areas of recruitment, joining, and ongoing HR processes where these interact with an end user to give then an accessible experience.

Getting a Quote

All Able offer pricing that reflect the size and complexity of the work required. All Able also offer discount provision for certain parts of the public sector.

To get a quote for a specific piece of work please contact us at and provide us with as much of the suggested information listed below to help us quickly provide you with an accurate response.

Suggested Information

Below is suggested information that you can include in your request to help us provide you with an accurate quote more quickly.

  • Your name
  • Organisation
  • The business areas you are looking to make the most significant change in

More Information

There are lots of tools we already have available to help deliver practical steps to accessibility in many business processes. Some of the areas we have resources to help you address are:

  • Accessibility in Procurement and Contracts
  • Your 3rd party content responsibilities
  • Accessibility guidance for suppliers
  • Quick accessibility checks for all
  • Video accessibility checks
  • Delivering accessible events
  • Disproportionate Burden assessments
  • Creating plain English content
  • Engaging mangement advice
  • Creating accessible PDFs and other documentation
  • Assistive Tech and productivity tools for all
  • Accessibility Auditing Processes
  • Accessibility Statements