Accessibility Audits


Under the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018, you will be required to prove the level of accessibility compliance of your digital estate against the EN 301 549 harmonised EU standard and WCAG 2.1 AA.

We offer comprehensive auditing services using the most prevalent assistive technologies to assess compliance levels and identify accessibility issues. All of our audits include a mix of thorough manual testing using a range of assistive technologies and reasonable adjustments, a selection of automated testing and our expert screen reader review which is conducted by our in-house full time screen reader user.

We offer accessibility auditing for any web based systems in scope of the public sector regulations, so can support you with websites, intranets, internal web based applications and 3rd party software.

As outcomes you will receive a report of identified accessibility issues and suggestions for remediation, and a draft accessibility statement guaranteed to be compliant with PSBAR requirements based on the report.

Costs for audits can vary, based on the size and complexity of the service, organisation and timescales for completion.

Please contact us to discuss a personalised audit quote.

Getting a Quote

All Able offer pricing that reflect the size and complexity of the work required. All Able also offer discount provision for certain parts of the public sector.

To get a quote for a specific piece of work please contact us at and provide us with as much of the suggested information listed below to help us quickly provide you with an accurate response.

Suggested Information

Below is suggested information that you can include in your request to help us provide you with an accurate quote more quickly.

  • Your name

  • Organisation

  • Website URL

  • Number of pages on website

  • Brief description of what the website is for


"The All Able team has been an invaluable support, providing us with a very comprehensive, detailed audit report which identified key priorities for us to address on our website. The team took the time to help us understand each of the actions and provided us with an excellent template for our Accessibility Statement which has ensured we are compliant with the latest legislation. We would definitely recommend All Able their personal support, fast, efficient and affordable service. "

- A Merseyside College

"I contacted All Able as I was getting concerned that my website may not be fully accessible in line with the new Accessibility Regulations. All Able soon confirmed that my website was far from compliant! George went above and beyond to sit and explain how I would need to amend the website and gave me the confidence I needed to undertake the huge task ahead of me. He was always at the end of an email if I got stuck and I truly do not believe I could have completed this project without his support.

The service offered by All Able is outstanding. They are friendly and very patient, which they needed to be, to cope with my very limited website knowledge! I can not speak highly enough of just how valuable their support was to me."

- Parish Council Clerk (Kent)

"I asked All Able to quote to audit our two websites, they got back to me really quickly with an exceptionally cheap quote. They then completed the work in less than two weeks and I got two easy to read and thorough reports and accessibility statements. This allowed me to easily understand what changes to make and I am working through these to make our websites compliant. I was so daunted by the legislation and guidance about website accessibility, and I am so grateful to All Able for making the process easy and understandable. "

- Parish Council Clerk (West Sussex)

"I found All Able via recommendation from another Clerk - George and Ben provided me with an excellent and swift accessibility audit and draft statement and followed that up with a very useful telephone conversation and email responses to any questions I had - it made the entire process of ensuring website accessibility easier and less stressful. I thoroughly recommend All Able Ltd to parish councils looking for accessibility advice. "

- Parish Council Clerk (Hampshire)