Training Courses

Delivering Accessibility is not just something that you can call in a contractor to resolve. It takes real culture change and the engagement of staff to deliver services that are and remain accessible.

We want to give you the skills to deliver accessibility into your organisation services. Because this takes action from all levels of an organisation we offer a range of training courses to address the skills needed for different roles.

This half day course offers an introduction to accessibility, its importance and basic steps you can be taking to improve accessibility in your organisation.

This one day course is focused on understanding the regulations, policy, and how to cover all of the important management tasks to defend against legal challenges and more.

This one day course teaches attendees introductory skills on how to spot and test for a range of accessibility issues, helping organisations deliver accessibility from the start.

It is possible to deliver an accessible student journey from application to graduation. This one day course teaches the skills to plan and deliver such a journey.

Stigma around disability creates barriers. This half day course run by one of our blind staff members introduces inclusive behaviours and helps break down barriers surrounding disability.

This half day course teaches attendees about a range of assistive technology and how it can not only help people with disabilities but be used by all to boost productivity.

This half day course provides users with the knowledge they need to create accessible documents using the basic office packages, alongside more advanced skills, and tips to provide expert insight on best approaches for creating a wide range of document types.

Training not listed?

We are very happy to organise bespoke training incorporating multiple elements of the service catalogue and associated training programmes.

Please contact us to to discuss your specific requirements.