Accessible Documents


On this half day course we can provide users with the knowledge they need to create accessible documents using the basic office packages, alongside more advanced skills, and tips. We find that this form of training is useful to a wide audience as most content creators within organisations do not have access to advanced publishing tools. This session will cover all of the basic principles public sector staff need to know in order to create accessible by design documents in accordance with the regulations.

We can also provide expert insight on best approaches for items such as planning documents under the regulations, with All Able now having a thoroughly worked exemption case for these documents following team experiences of challenges alongside one of the devolved UK Governments.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training, delegates should have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Understand the legislation relating to accessible documents

  • Embed basic principles of accessible documents for the following platforms:

      • Word

      • PowerPoint

      • PDF

      • Email

  • Check documents for accessibility

  • Adopt technologies to help create accessible documents

  • Use accessible documents effectively

Getting a Quote

All Able offer pricing that reflect the size and complexity of the work required. All Able also offer discount provision for certain parts of the public sector.

To get a quote for a specific piece of work please contact us at and provide us with as much of the suggested information listed below to help us quickly provide you with an accurate response.

Suggested Information

Below is suggested information that you can include in your request to help us provide you with an accurate quote more quickly.

  • Your name

  • Organisation

  • Which training course you are interested in

  • Where (town) and When you are looking to hold the course.

  • How many people do you have interested?

  • Any specialist requirements?