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Welcome to All Able. We are committed to using our expertise to help organisations improve their digital accessibility and deliver accessible and inclusive services that work for everyone.

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to utilise public services, get an education, and engage with their communities to live a healthy and independent life.

Provider of sector leading research

Nov 2020 map of accessibility statement compliance.

Our most famous research series with more than 14,000 views, the maps of accessibility statements compliance across the UK and other countries has been commended by the European Commission for its insight into the compliance landscape.

Arguably the most misunderstood clause of the Public Sector Accessibility Regulations 2018. Disproportionate burden has been misused in attempts to avoid compliance responsibilities. The All Able research highlights easy things to avoid to use disproportionate burden correctly.

FE statements growth graph. Full details available in article.

All Able is working with the Thomas Pocklington Trust to conduct a unique piece of research looking into assistive technology support for blind and partially sighted students and the accessibility of the digital student experience.

Check out our new video which helps explain the difference between accessibility and assistive technology and why we need both to support users.

Chosen by organisations that care about accessibility for all

British Red Cross

Hereford College of Arts

Lake District National Park Authority

North Devon Council

University of Kent

Calderdale College

IG Publishing

Leeds Trinity University

North East Scotland College

University of Glasgow

Carlisle City Council

Inside Government

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Sefton Council

Wirral Met College

City of Glasgow College

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Many Town and Parish Councils

St Mary's University

City University London

IONA Kent & South East


Thomas Pocklington Trust

East Kent College Group

Kent County Council


Torridge Council