Pop-up Empathy Lab


An Empathy Lab is the chance to start discussions on accessibility kickstarted by a collection of materials that encourage users to consider how users with a range of disabilities and impairments may interact with the world using assistive technologies and what kind of barriers they may face.

The All Able Empathy Lab in no way allows people to "experience what it is like to be disabled", but rather is an opportunity to kickstart conversations about barriers we create within our physical environments, digital environments, and communities / corporate structures etc. and what we can do to make them more inclusive.

The key outputs of an All Able Empathy Lab are guided conversations on  the accessibility barriers we all create, and steps we can take to reduce or remove those barriers to offer a more inclusive environments. We discuss reasonable adjustments, alternative format possibilities, inclusive working practices and basic actions everyone can take to improve the accessibility of their work.

Attendees engaging with empathy lab kit learning about where Braille seamlessly appears in everyday situations

Not like other labs

All Able are well aware of the stigma around some empathy labs and simulation gear that do cause people some concern in that they build "sympathy" for disabled people and cause people to lament the challenges people with disabilities face, rather than talking about how we all build a better, more inclusive environment for everyone.

This can be a sensitive subject as some people believe that the users’ ability to quite literally ‘take off’ their disability does not allow them to properly understand the effect to which a disability truly affects a person. 

At All Able we agree that an afternoon spent in an Empathy Lab will not make users experts on the effects of disability. Time spent in an Empathy Lab can help attendees to realise effects of their work that they have not thought about before, or give attendees more questions that they can then follow up by engaging with their disabled user base to better tailor services to their customers.

You may question why we still have some simulation gear in our kit list. We keep the simulation gear almost specifically to have the conversation about the controversial aspect of them and about what are better approaches to building empathy within organisations.

Our Kit

All Able has a selection of Empathy Lab kit and are happy to provide it as part of other training courses we run or as a dedicated 'Pop-up' Empathy Lab event. If you are interested in booking the All Able Empathy Lab to come along to an event we are happy to run the lab, supporting users in trying out our simulation gear and assistive tech.

The All Able Empathy Lab contains an eye catching range of equipment to help draw in attendees, start conversations, and help our experts deliver exercises and guidance.

The All Able Empathy Lab includes a host of physical devices, reading materials, digital equipment, including assistive devices and technology and many other tools all supported by training and guidance from the All Able team to ensure users understand where an empathy lab experience fits into training and the focus on barrier removal.

The equipment includes a range of digital tools, physical equipment, and reading material, supported by training and guidance from the All Able team to ensure users understand where an empathy lab experience fits into training and the focus on barrier removal, and a significant range of online resources to help attendees reconnect with their learning even after the event.

You can take a look at our ever growing kit list on our Empathy Lab kit page.

Some of our empathy lab kit laid out as listed above.

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