Tactile examples

We have produced a range of tactile maps and diagrams and want to share these examples so you can download and print them yourselves.

If you try any of these examples out for yourselves please feel free to post about them on social media and tag us. We would love to see where our tactile diagrams end up.

If you like our designs and want to get involved we are looking to partner with blind and partially sighted individuals, disability support teams and charities to further refine our tactile diagrams production to make sure they are as useful as possible.

If you are interested in working writh us, email us at info@allable.co.uk.

We use Thingiverse to host all our 3D files for download.

3D render of the Osteoclast (D) diagram with Braille labelling.

Bone Cell Diagrams

This selection of bone cell diagrams was sent to us as part of a pilot for the University College of Osteopathy, London UK.

The original diagram was provided by lecturers and adjusted to create 3D alternatives for a student.

Comparison image between the original paper map and the 3D printed alternative.

Canterbury Cathedral

This is a 3D tactile map of Canterbury Cathedral. The Cathedral hands out paper tactile maps on request. We adjusted the paper tactile map to create a 3D printable alternative.

This model has kept the raised letter labelling matched to the original paper map. We will make a Braille labelled version if requested.

A tactile contour map of Dover Castle and the surrounding area. The contours show the castle sitting atop the cliffs leading down to the seafront and port. The main castle keep, chapel, inner and outer walls are all shown. There is the map name in raised letters and braille on the right hand side as well as a height key.

Dover Castle Contour Map

Dover castle is a historic English Heritage site and a place I have visited many times during my childhood as a local of the area.

I created this as a test piece for a tactile contour map that had the main elements of the castle walls and buildings overlaid onto the contours.

3D printed flow chart

Flow Chart example

This flow diagram is a representation of a tool we use to help better consider responsibilities for 3rd party software under the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Flower examples

This set of four flower tactile graphics are reproductions of tactile stone carvings on display in the Wellbeing Garden at the Royal Horticultural Society in Wisley. The four original stone carvings were created by R.Dien, and photos taken by J Dracott at the London School of Economics.

3D printed house floorplan.

House Floorplan

This floorplan was taken from Rightmove as an example of a 3 bedroom house as part of a new build development.

We converted the original floorplan to create a 3D tactile alternative including some furniture and fixtures including bathrooms, sinks, stovetops, and beds.

The floorplan covers a ground floor and first floor with interconnecting stairs.

3D render of four pie chart examples with Braille labelling.

Pie Chart examples

This model represents a selection of pie chart representation options. With this model we wanted to try out different ways of showing pie charts and better understand which version worked better to convey the information for a blind user.

3D print of a log-log polar scatter plot diagram

Scatter Plot examples

These scatter plot diagrams were originally published by Davy Landman in a Stack Exchange question October 2014.

It is not known what the scatter plots represent, but these were chosen as a trial tactile example because of the density of the examples which give a very interesting result when converted to tactile format.