Accessible Social Media and Communications


Social Media is a now growing aspect of communicating with your customers; by designing accessible communications into your campaigns, you have the opportunity to embed good practices and engage more people across all platforms.

This half day course will introduce you to the key aspects of building accessible social media content and campaigns, taking you from planning to publishing in order for you to better build your brand.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training delegates should have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Create accessible social media campaigns from planning to publishing

  • Understand how to use the in-built social media accessibility tools

  • Be able to overcome the barriers that social media can present in accessibility

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Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Session 1: Creating Accessible Documents and Branding

  • What is an accessible document?

  • Models for Accessible Documents

  • Ethics and Reputational Risk

  • Logos and Graphics

Break 1

Session 2: Planning Campaigns

  • Creating your own scheduling system

  • Written and visual content creation

Break 2:

Session 3: Navigating Platforms

  • The six main platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Tiktok

  • Covering the in-built accessibility tools

  • Demonstrations of how to make accessible content