Accessibility Statements


Under the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 (PSBAR), you will be required to publish accessibility statements for each of your distinct websites, digital services or mobile apps. These statements have very specific legal requirements alongside responsibilities for providing guidance and support to users.

We provide accessibility statements guaranteed to be compliant with PSBAR requirements.

Our understanding of accessibility statements is second to none. We have conducted research on thousands of Public Sector organisations across the UK and other EU countries to inform our understanding of what makes a good statement. This award winning research has been highly publicised with many articles stemming from the research, alongside our work being the only example to be discussed by the European Commission showing considered monitoring across a country. 

Alongside offering this service singularly, we also provide draft accessibility statements guaranteed for compliance included for no additional cost as part of any accessibility audit we complete.

Support options


All Able has been working with textBOX and Alistair McNaught Consulting Ltd to launch the ASPIRE accessibility statements grading and badge systems.

The ASPIRE review process provides comprehensive guidance to help institutions write a quality accessibility statement. We can help you at every step of the process through transparent scoring criteria, practical guidelines, and consulting services if a little extra help may be required. 

If you are interested in achieving an accredited accessibility statement and demonstrating your commitment to delivering accessible services ask us about how we can help you tell your accessibility story.

ASPIRE education

ASPIRE education is the first accreditation service for public sector accessibility statements and focuses on the higher education and further education sectors.  Our collective expertise in the Education sector will help you deliver high quality accessibility statements and support for staff and students.

ASPIRE public sector

ASPIRE public sector is the accreditation service for public sector accessibility statements for the wide variety of public sector bodies, from Councils and NHS organisations to Fire departments and Museums. Our wide ranging experience across many types of public sector bodies will help you deliver high quality accessibility statements and support to meet all your needs.

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"The All Able team has been an invaluable support, providing us with a very comprehensive, detailed audit report which identified key priorities for us to address on our website.  The team took the time to help us understand each of the actions and provided us with an excellent template for our Accessibility Statement which has ensured we are compliant with the latest legislation.  We would definitely recommend All Able their personal support, fast, efficient and affordable service.  "

-  Merseyside

"I found All Able via recommendation from another Clerk - George and Ben provided me with an excellent and swift accessibility audit and draft statement and followed that up with a very useful telephone conversation and email responses to any questions I had - it made the entire process of ensuring website accessibility easier and less stressful.  I thoroughly recommend All Able Ltd to parish councils looking for accessibility advice. "

-  Hampshire