At All Able, we are committed to constantly improving our services and advancing our understanding. As such we are often researching new avenues to help us better understand our customers needs and ways in which we can improve services.

For the last several years, our research has been focussed on topics surrounding the rollout of UK public sector accessibility regulations such as levels of compliance, accessibility statements, and disproportionate burden use.

Watch Ben Watson and George Rhodes discuss how they get involved in various pieces of research around accessibility in the brief video.

All Able are now looking into more research topics than ever, partnering with great organisations like Thomas Pocklington Trust to look at accessibility provisions in Further Education (FE) or leisure and sports facilities. Our ongoing research into tactile maps and diagrams has also reached a stage where we are keen to find interested participants for case studies.

Sector reviews

All Able work with the Thomas Pocklington Trust to conduct deep dive research into sectors and the accessibility barriers which affect disabled users and particularly the impact on blind and partially sighted people.

This research revealed key areas in the leisure and fitness industry that need to be addressed in order to offer a supportive experience to disabled users.

This research showed where FE colleges needed to enhance their support for disabled students. Through follow up work with the Association of Colleges, this has had significant impact.

Accessibility Statements Research

One of the things we are most well known for is our international leading research on the adoption of accessibility statements across the UK. We regularly update this research to help monitor the growing levels of compliance and to identify trends or issues that may need addressing.

November 2020 update on UK accessibility statement compliance. The end of 1 year of monitoring

May 2020 update to our European leading accessibility statements research including the UK and other countries

October 2019 update to our UK accessibility statements research

Our original September 2019 UK accessibility statements research

Tactile maps and diagrams

All Able are developing new methods to produce 3D printed tactile diagrams which require no specialist 3D modelling training.

All Able worked with University of Kent students to develop a large scale tactile campus map.

You can download some of our tactile maps and diagrams to print yourself.

Other Research

Disproportionate burden claims lacking evidence are a common sight. All Able have identified some of the most common pitfalls.

The CDDO have provided a report on the 2020-2021 monitoring period with interesting findings for all those looking at complying with the digital accessibility regulations.

As part of George's PhD he looked at the prevalence of Braille guides, signage and tactile maps at English Heritage sites.

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