Disproportionate Burden Assessments


Under the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 (PSBAR), organisations can claim 'disproportionate burden' where there is a genuine reason for not being able to comply with the regulations. These claims should not be used lightly and require significant proof and a detailed assessment before making a claim.

We offer a comprehensive disproportionate burden assessment service which will support you to deliver a well considered and evidenced disproportionate burden claim which will include:

  • Context and reason for conducting the assessment

  • Full report of our findings with you organisation, including financial impacts and impacts on disabled users

  • Recommendation of status of disproportionate burden

  • Guidance on what to include in your accessibility statement and remedial actions

All Able customers have successfully used our disproportionate burden assessment methodology and support in responses to monitoring reports received from the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) as part of the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 required monitoring process.

Going beyond support All Able continues to raise awareness of how to use disproportionate burden claims well and have spoken at national and international events about their research into disproportionate burden misuse.

This same research has been communicated back to the EU Council and is having international effects regarding disproportionate burden claims.

If you are considering use of disproportionate burden please contact us.

George speaking in a conference room on disproportionate burden

Getting a Quote

To get a quote please contact us at info@allable.co.uk and provide us with as much of the suggested information listed below to help us quickly provide you with an accurate response.

Suggested Information

Below is suggested information that you can include in your request to help us provide you with an accurate quote more quickly.

  • Your name

  • Organisation

  • Website URL

  • Brief explanation of what you want to claim disproportionate burden for

  • Brief explanation of any evidence that has already been gathered to support the claim