Accessibility Champions


The key to meeting the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018, is to have strong leadership from management and accessibility champions. The topic is highly complex and has a significant strategic element. Organisations that do not build strong leadership for accessibility are bound to have it become an unfocused activity by a small number of staff, and ultimately become a significant legal and reputational risk for the organisation.

This one day course is focused on understanding the regulations, policy, spotting accessibility risks, and how to cover all of the important management tasks to defend against legal challenges, along with embedding accessibility into strategy and policy to make accessibility a responsibility for all staff.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, delegates should have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Know the effects and timescales of the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018

  • Know their organisations responsibilities under the regulations

  • Know how to write and what is included into a compliant accessibility statement

  • Know steps they can take to include accessibility into procurement processes

  • Understand responsibilities when it comes to 3rd party content

  • Know how to engage senior management on accessibility

  • Understand what changes need to be made across an organisation to deliver accessibility

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Trainer's welcome and clarification of learning objectives

Session 1: Understanding the accessibility requirements for public sector bodies

  • The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 - how did the regulations come about and what it aims to achieve (5 mins)

  • Discussing the timeline for implementing regulations and how you can plan your work accordingly

  • Outlining who and what falls under the new legislation and who is exempt

  • Memorandum of Understanding and how the process of monitoring and enforcement will operate

  • Getting senior management on board - realising the scale of work involved and prioritisation

    • Prioritisation and risk assessment exercise

    • Budgeting resources and tools to ensure value for money

  • Sources for keeping in touch with latest developments

Morning Break

Session 2: Preparing your organisation for the changes, policy and practical steps

  • Publishing the accessibility statement

    • Outlining the requirements of an accessibility statement

    • Discussion exercise on the purpose of accessibility statements and what other information users might want

    • Building a model accessibility statement exercise

  • Procurement and Suppliers

    • What to include in procurement, tenders and contracts

    • What to expect from suppliers

    • What to do with existing suppliers

  • 3rd Party systems and your responsibilities

    • 3rd Party responsibility matrix

    • Your responsibilities exercise

Session 3: Decide how to check for accessibility problems

  • Reviewing internal processes and ensuring that all staff involved are effectively trained

  • Basic checks for accessibility - where do you need to address the problem and how

    • Image alternatives

    • Video and Audio content

    • Documents

    • Websites (intro)

    • Other comms


Session 4: Achieving accessibility under the new standard

  • Which web content accessibility guidelines do you need to adhere to and understand WCAG 2.1

    • Learn about the process of testing sites for accessibility using automatic scanning tools versus an audit

    • Live testing exercise

    • Understanding accessibility evaluations and testing results

  • Issue reporting, exclusions and disproportionate burden; what is it and what does it apply to

  • How diverse user testing can inform accessibility audits and future development plans

  • Discussing common accessibility issues and how to overcome them

  • Creating content, including dynamic and visual, with accessibility in mind

Afternoon Break

Session 5: Open questions and accessibility clinic

  • In the final session we want delegates to be able to ask any questions that they feel we haven't fully addressed, and welcome the discussion of real issues delegates are facing

  • This is a chance for delegates to get some consultancy time with us and a chance for real expert advice on their real issues


"Great course for people who are just starting the accessibility journey or want to consolidate on current progress! Great tips!" - GMCA

"This course provides a great overview of all the current accessibility issues. George and Ben are engaging, knowledgeable trainers." - Horsham District Council

"Both trainers were extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. Would recommend." - London Borough of Haringey

"A great course covering essential knowledge with plenty of advice on testing" - North Devon Council

"Great training, informative and engaging. Learnt a lot and there is a lot to consider for our own website." - Longhurst Group

"Excellent course, very thorough and gave me plenty to think about for our website and organisation as a whole." - Wales Millennium Centre

"Really took a lot away from the day. The speaker knowledge was in depth. I have confidence we are moving in the right direction to become compliant." - Milton Keynes Council

"The course covered the basics, how I'd make our website compliant in future and even went as far as coding and development. Whether it's your first day in comms or you've been doing it for 20 years, you will learn something." - Inspiration Trust