Plain English Training


Plain English is a key tool to help organisations make their services more inclusive, effective and user focused. It makes communications and documents more easily accessible for all audiences, but especially people with disabilities that affect reading. More and more institutions, including GOV.UK, are adopting plain English as they recognise its value. And yet writing in plain English doesn't come naturally to most people and is often outside their comfort zone.

On this interactive half day course we will provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence to use plain English in all their documents and communications.

Plain English is relevant to all content creators and communicators within organisations, at all levels and independent of the publishing tools they use. Our plain English training works particularly well in conjunction with our Accessible Documents course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training delegates should:

  • know what plain English is and why it matters for accessibility

  • understand the core principles of writing in plain English

  • know how to focus on meeting their audiences’ information needs

  • understand how adopting plain English can benefit their organisation

  • be able to raise awareness of plain English in their own organisation and provide peer-to-peer support to help embed it as a practice

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Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Session 1:

  • What is plain English?

  • Plain English and accessibility

  • How to write in plain English: core principles

Break 1

Session 2:

  • Group exercise: turning text into plain English

  • Benefit of plain English for your organisation

Break 2

Session 3:

  • Plain English toolkit

  • Pair writing exercise