English Heritage Braille and tactile support

I have been looking at English Heritage sits as part of my PhD research into Tactile Maps. There are many examples of tactile maps and other Braille support being utilised in the Tourism and Retail sectors such as at theme-parks, historical sites and shopping centres.

The English Heritage website provides information on all of their 382 available locations and many include useful information about access support. It is not likely or necessarily reasonable that they will ever provide a wide range of accessibility support for every site, many being small locations freely available to the public rather than a specific attraction requiring entry such as a castle.

For my research I wanted to know which locations offered tactile maps or other tactile models and thought it a good idea to take note of Braille guides and signage availability as well.


The English Heritage site is very useful for searching through information across their locations and I have found the following related to my searches:

54 sites offer Braille guides

3 sites offer Braille signage

19 sites offer tactile maps or other models

You can download my full data set.

I have also included the information as a map so I could find where my nearest examples of tactile maps are for future visits.

  • Sites that did not provide any information are marked in grey

  • Sites that specified they did not have these services are marked in red

  • Sites with tactile maps are marked in green

  • Sites with Braille guides are marked in blue

  • Sites with Braille signage are marked in purple