Accessible Student Journey


This full day course will introduce you to accessibility and what it means for an education context. How being accessible can help you attract more students and bring positive reputational impact. This course will provide you with the knowledge to start thinking about how you can transform your student journey to map and deliver a fully accessible student experience from initial application all the way through to graduation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, delegates should have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Understand the steps to mapping a student journey

  • Understand accessibility considerations for a range of interactions between students and institutions (including face to face, online, paper based and other engagement)

  • Understand how accessibility considerations directly impact a student's experience and how they can be used to improve the experience of all students

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Welcome and clarification of learning objectives

Session 1: Accessibility meaning and challenges intro

  • Accessibility and inclusion terminology

  • Why accessibility is important in the student journey and how it can directly impact a student's outcome

  • Legal obligations

  • How it can go wrong examples showcase

Morning break

Session 2: Mapping a student journey

  • Mapping the student journey exercise

    • What interactions do students have before they arrive, during their time and after they leave?

    • Who is responsible for each of the parts of the journey?

    • What kind of interactions does this contain (online systems involved, face to face interactions etc.)?


Session 3: Aligning accessibility with events along the journey

  • Identifying areas for improving accessibility

    • Identifying accessibility issues with different interactions

    • Identifying solutions and stakeholders

Afternoon break

Session 4: Resources to support improving accessibility

  • Online resources to help address accessibility issues

  • Creating your own accessibility guidance

  • Joining resources up with steps in the journey

  • Leadership buy-in and starting to promote